745: 47の素敵な(庭) (アウーイモ MMa1-avjS []) 2018/06/30(土) 06:30:22.36 ID:v8H1AnVGM


760: 47の素敵な(茸) (スップ Sd03-/RMY []) 2018/06/30(土) 07:07:22.61 ID:dkvVRaUEd

781: 47の素敵な(庭) (アウアウカー Sa49-yt40 []) 2018/06/30(土) 07:50:43.08 ID:Smhhy8mva

809: 47の素敵な(茸) (スフッ Sd03-W9sk []) 2018/06/30(土) 08:28:20.79 ID:EKW3Tzsrd
Fairy W!nk

808: 47の素敵な(やわらか銀行) (ワッチョイ 2d2d-PNnE []) 2018/06/30(土) 08:27:48.96 ID:+TUHoVUT0


Siu Nhân Cá Mập Biển Xanh6 時間前
Misaki looks cute in the hidden box vid but im surprised how pretty she is with that perf. The make up and hairstyle on point

Do you know chung jojun balsa?5 時間前
Nayeong is a great leader... This is the first time I saw Misaki smile, she's beautiful! Tbh,seeing both group I think the Japanese trainees cuteness are so natural.. Nakoooooo is a legend!

Yumi Cho5 時間前
I can't stop watching this
Nako's high note sounds addictive
I keep rewatching this

部柚子5 時間前(編集済み)
I’m so glad Nako capture the audience!!
She has kept trying since when she was 12 years old.
If you are intrested in her,you should know about Tanaka Miku.
They called “Nakomiku”,they have been best friends since 2013.

Ashira Hamdan5 時間前
Nako got the highest vote 330 . daebak !

Ami Kawashima6 時間前
Yabuki Nako, really shines in this video. I hope she has the highest votes.

Yeo Chin6 時間前
I'm a Buddy and I approve. Good job Nako! I'm loving the added Japanese feels of the song in this performance

Ziah Wkj5 時間前(編集済み)
Finally you got recognition u deserved Nako chan 💖
Credit to Nayoung too, she clearly saw Nako's skills and put her in the position right away

wubba lubba bud bud5 時間前
I’m so proud of Nako!!!! She’s a hidden star for real!!! And Misaki!!!!! I’m dying because of her smile!!!! Pls give Misaki more shots

Squishy Kyungsoo D.O6 時間前
Nako's pronunciation is really good, Nako and Hitomi are my picks for japanese.

Rifdah Imtyaaz6 時間前
Misaki is so pretty